Maybe you never had a chance to read the Restrictions for Lakeaire, but you might be happy to know that when this document was written in 1973, the pioneers of Lakeaire were concerned with our quality of life. 

It begins like this: “1. There shall be established an Architectural Control Committee protect the owners of lots in this subdivision against such improper use of lots as will depreciate the value of the property; to preserve, so far as practicable, the natural beauty of said property; to guard against erection thereon of poorly designed or proportioned structures built of improper or unsuitable materials, ...and in general to provide adequately for a high type quality of improvements in said property, and thereby enhance the value of investments made by purchasers of lots therein.”

This is a very brief description of the restrictions:

 Refers to restrictions on single family residential restrictions
 Refers to restrictions on any structure moved onto any lot
 Refers to restrictions on height of structures on lots
 Refers to restrictions on when/how to present plans for changes/improvements
 Refers to restrictions on fencing
 Refers to restrictions on easements for structures
 No animals or birds, other than household pets, shall be kept on any lot
 Refers to restrictions on camping trailers and water service
 Refers to restrictions on easements for utilities
 Refers to restrictions on sanitation
 Refers to restrictions on assessments
 Refers to restrictions on trash and other debris on lots
 Refers to restrictions on subdivision of lots
 Refers to violations of restrictions
 Refers to effects of invalidation
 Refers to restrictions on the 642 elevation line

(note: this is not a complete list and owners are responsible to obey all restrictions)

Lakeaire Owners Association


Mailing Address: 600 Bay Dr. Temple TX 76502


​Simplified Restrictions