Board meeting are normally held on the second Monday of every month.  Members are welcome to attend.  If you plan to address the Board you need to notify the Board 48 hours in advance to be added to the agenda, you will be allowed 3 minute to speak.

Please check the web site home page for most current dates and times of Board meetings.

President: John Bockhold

Vice President: Dale Duke

Treasurer: General Secretary: Christina Delapaz

Recording Secretary: Beverly Nobles

Board Member: Cindy Talkington

Board Member: Jessica Raines

Board Member:

Board Member:

Board Member: 


Open Exchange of Ideas!

Our Board Members

Each community is unique. One-size-fits-all approaches will never help our neighborhood reach its full potential. By letting the board know what's important to you for this community you help all of us to live a peaceful life in a great community!

our approach

 We are in the need of Board members,   please contact the LOA if you are   interested.


Architectural Control Committee:   Kim Starley, John Bockhold

Park and Pool Committee: Patt O'Barr, Chritina and Rey Delapaz

Road and Safety Committee:  John Bockhold, 

Finance and Audit Committee:  John Bockhold, Christina Delapaz

Lakeaire Owners Association


Mailing Address: 600 Bay Dr. Temple TX 76502