1. Reminder you are obligated to pay your HOA dues each year.  Homeowners dues are utilized to maintain the pool, the park, and  the roads in the subdivision.  If you have an unpaid Invoice or statement you can mail your payment to:

Lakeaire Owners Association

600 Bay Dr.

Temple TX 76502

2023 Assessments Invoices have been mailed out; they are due January 31st.  The 2023 assessment for HOA dues is $110.00. 

2.  There will be a Special Road Assessment levied this year.  This money will be dedicated for Road maintenance.  This assessment will be $40.00 for the first lot you own and an additional $15.00 for each additional lot.  The invoice for the Road assessment will be mailed with your annual assessment bill.  This assessment will be due March 31st.

3.  If you would like an on-line invoice there will be a 4% Service Charge added on for all on-line transactions.  This money does not go to the HOA but to QuickBooks for processing the on-line transaction.  In the past the HOA paid this transaction fee, but it was decided that was unfair to all those who paid by other means to use HOA funds to pay for someone else's transactions.

4.  This year there will be a $50.00 charge for a pool pass for the season.  We will provide more information in the March Newsletter and on the website at a later date.  You can pay the pool fee with your invoices or wait until spring before the pool opens.  This is not a mandatory charge for all but only for those who wish to have a pool access this summer.

5. To contact a Board member to discuss an issue or for any information please send a message through the Contact Page and the appropriate Board member or Committee member will contact you.  You may also call 254-277-0097 and leave a message and a Board member will contact you. 


Park and Pool​​

​Our Community

Remember dumping in the park or on LOA Community property is illegal and is just wrong.

Be a good neighbor and dispose of trash properly.

Board Meeting UPDATE:

The next Board Meeting be held Monday November 13th at 7 PM at the park clubhouse.

The November Board meeting will be held December 11th at 7 PM at the park clubhouse.

All members are welcome to attend Board meetings.  To address the Board with a concern members need to be on the agenda, please email the LOA through the contact page to be placed on the agenda,

 The Pool is closed for the season, Your HOA card will still allow access to the restrooms until we close them for the winter

​​Building Permits are required for new construction or additions to established residences to include adding a deck or carport. Click here to download the permit form.

To contact a Board Member for a permit or to reserve the pavilion please send a message through the Contact Page and the appropriate Board Member or Committee Member will contact you.  You may also call 254-277-0097 and leave a message and a Board member will contact you.

To see what times the Pavilion is currently reserved/available please click "Pavilion Reservations" under the Park and Pool Tab.

You must be a member in good standing (all dues paid) to use the pool or reserve the pavilion

​​​ Lakeaire Annual Picnic

Was held May 20th and was a great success.  SUNBURST Realty hosted the event by providing the main course and side dishes were provided by HOA fellow members.   We didn't get an exact count but estimate close to 100 folks attended the picnic and several enjoyed the opening of the pool.

It was a great "meet and greet" for many new members so if you can, please try and plan on attending next year.

Park Clean-up was held on Apr 22nd this year.  Turn out was a little smaller than last year but we were still able to get the park ready for summer.

- Dumpster Dayswere held 22-23 Apr.  We had a slightly smaller turn out than last year but we did fill both dumpsters to the top helping fellow members get rid of those bulky items and clean up their lots.

Community Notes​​

Community Update

The pool is closed for the year.

The restrooms are open and should remain open until the first freeze.

You will need to use your HOA card to access the restrooms. We need to keep them secure to help prevent vandalism.

If you need a HOA card please call the LOA at the number above and we will put you on the list to issue new/ replacement cards. If this is your first pool card the card is free, if you lost your pool card there is a $10 replacement fee.

You must be a member in good standing (all assessments paid) to have an active HOA card.

This year to help defray costs there is a $50 annual fee to use the pool.

Please email the HOA if you would like pool access this summer and we will email you an invoice or you can pay at the picnic. (The $50 pool fee is only for those who want pool access for the summer,) You will still be able to access the restrooms in the park with your HOA card.

Pavilion and Permits​​

Lakeaire Owners Association


Mailing Address: 600 Bay Dr. Temple TX 76502

​Email: contact@lakeaire1.com