A Copy of By-Laws and Restrictions can be down loaded from the Forms page under the Restrictions Tab.


Lakeaire has published restrictions that apply to all members who own lots in Lakeaire subdivision.  Members should be familiar with the restrictions as they apply to their section (I or II).  It is a requirement to keep your lot neat and orderly, if not you will receive a notice from the restrictions committee on what corrective actions are required.

    You are also  required to have a permit to build  a home or to move a trailer onto a lot.   A permit is also required if you add on to your residence, add a fence or a carport etc.  You can get  permit by submitting a request to the architecture committee.  Go to the Contact page, Board Member tab to see who to submit your permit request to.

    You can download the restrictions, by-laws and permit request forms for the subdivision at the "Forms" tab under the Restrictions tab.

    Everyone needs to be respectful of the restrictions as to help the community be a safe and friendly place to live. 

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Lakeaire Subdivision

A private subdivision located 12 miles northwest of Temple Texas