LOA Assessments:

Annual and Special Assessments are due each year in March.   Please mail your assessments to:

LOA (Lakeaire Owners Association) 

600 Bay Dr.

Temple, TX 76502


Annually every member must pay $21 Annual Assessment fee (You only pay the $21 Annual Assessment fee once no matter how many lots you own) and $66 Special Assessment for each lot you own.

    For example; if you own one lot in the subdivision your Annual Assessment would be $21+$66=$83.

For each additional lot you own you would add an additional $66 Special Assessment to your Annual Assessment.

     For example; if you own two lots you would pay your Annual Assessment of $21 plus the $66 Special Assessment for lot 1 and $66 Special Assessment for the second lot making your annual assessment: $21+$66+$66=$153.

Notices are sent out each year reminding you of your dues.  Owners who fail to pay their dues have liens placed on their properties until all past dues are paid. 

You must be a member in good standing (all dues paid) to use the pool or to reserve the pavilion.

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Lakeaire Subdivision

A private subdivision located 12 miles northwest of Temple Texas